news news RSS Simulator Extremes Christmas Discount! One week long at half the price! Holiday season is upon us, and to celebrate in style, we offer 8 days of Holiday Sales with a sweet 50% discount on the Ship Simulator Extremes Collection edition.2013-12-16Inland Shipping DLC now available! all virtual captains... Get on board for some inland shipping action! We are proud to announce the new Ship Simulator Extremes: Inland Shipping DLC is now available for purchase from and all other leading digital distribution platforms.2013-09-16Download the new v1.5.5 update for Ship Sim Extremes and Ship Sim Extremes Collection new update v1.5.5 for Ship Simulator Extremes and Ship Simulator Extremes Collection is now available for download!2013-09-03Inland Shipping DLC spotted on the river... arrival imminent! is a new DLC spotted on the river and ready to arrive for mooring very soon. The upcoming Ship Simulator Extremes: Inland Shipping DLC is coming soon to a pc near you.2013-09-03Ship Control Unit compatibility with Windows 8 user questions, we have investigated whether or not the Ship Control Unit is compatible with Windows 8 systems. It turns out the unit is fully compatible, but needs a quick tool preparation using a tool named DXTweak2.2013-08-20Ship Simulator Multiplayer servers updated and running news! After some reported issues with ShipSim's multiplayer, we are glad to announce that the servers are up and running again!2013-07-17Ship Simulator Extremes Sneak Preview video Preview of a new DLC. Coming soon in 2013!2012-11-15Teaser Screenshot small teaser to start the week.2012-10-22Ship Simulator Extremes Facebook page reaches 4000 likes!! social media milestone for our Ship Simulator game. Since we've sailed onto Facebook our Ship Simulator Extremes Facebook page has quickly grown to a sweet 4000 likers. Thank you all for your continuing support.2012-09-07Ship Simulator Extremes 2nd Anniversary. Free gift for all players!! Simulator Extremes is celebrating its 2nd anniversary and to celebrate, we offer all players the Customs vessel DLC for Ship Simulator Extremes for free.2012-09-06Ship Simulator Extremes Collection: NOW AVAILABLE! are proud to announce that the Ship Simulator Extremes Collection is now available in retail stores and on digital distribution platforms worldwide!2012-06-19Ship Simulator Extremes Collection: Arriving in port on June 19th 2012! are proud to announce the upcoming release of its Ship Simulator Extremes Collection. The SSE Collection is the most complete Ship Simulator game to date and includes the acclaimed Ship Simulator Extremes game and ALL available add-on and DLC content in a single package. The SSE Collection features hundreds of hours of maritime seafaring realism as you captain an extensive range of vessels, all realistically simulated and recreated with stunning exterior and interior details.2012-05-31Discount Titanic Bundles sailing your way, only on! Ship Simulator Extremes and get 4 games for Ship Simulator 08 and get 3 games for free during the Titanic Centennial Week!2012-04-06Ship Sim Extremes Donation edition competition winner announced! real vessel has only recently been completed and has taken to the seas! One of its next trips will see our Ship Simulator Extremes Donation Edition Competition winner joining the crew of the Rainbow Warrior III!2012-02-23Ship Simulator Extremes: Luxury Cruise Vessel now available!'s time for the best of the best, as the luxurious cruise vessel "MS Oceana" enters the DLC realm of Ship Simulator Extremes and is now available for download at and STEAM.2012-02-23 Ǯţ